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AGA Technology Co., Ltd is Wholly-owned subsidiaries of AGA Group, it’s the earliest and biggest

Technology innovative high-tech enterprise which focus on high rating Lithium Polymer battery, 

integrating research, production, trade, and service. Relying on the strong technical advantage, economic

strength and years of research experience of the Group Company, AGA Technology Co., Ltd has built its

manufacturing base for Lithium Polymer Battery successively in Chongqing and Zhuhai Guangdong and

Hebi Henan.introduction of the world's most advanced, automated and semi automated production equipment,

precision testing equipment and so on, with internationally leading research labs. It’s the world's most 

comprehensive, the most advanced rechargeable battery professional manufacturer, it’s China's largest

supplier of power battery and battery systems.

AGA has its unique handling process and sealing process for pole piece material of polymer batteries,

successfully solved the technology core issues of high-rate lithium polymer battery: high consistency

and high security. And in domestic, AGA is the first to launch 80C continuous discharge high-rate polymer

batteries, each performance indicators of cells are in the leading position in domestic and reached the

international advanced level.

Putting effort into providing users with international top products and service, making every efforts to make

AGA an outstanding brand in the world’s industry of battery, being a respectable battery manufacturing 

enterprise is our pursuit. We firmly believe that AGA will be worthy of the battery industry, and can make 

contribution for customers, employees, and even the whole society for a better tomorrow.