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Starter Works Aug 05, 2016

Gas discharge lamp is different from thermal radiation light source, power generally does not light the light, but rather a startup process, the lights in the process. Each lamp has the ignition voltage (also called the breakdown voltage), only when lamp voltage exceeds the ignition voltage, it is possible to build gas discharge, lights. Discharge lamp ignition voltage of up to tens of thousands of volts, or low to hundreds of volts, are generally greater than the power supply voltage. Plugged in and the general discharge lamp is not lit. Must be provided in the circuit voltage greater than gas discharge lamp ignition voltage generator, this is the Launcher. According to the theory of the gas discharge, gas discharge lamp ignition voltage can be reduced under certain conditions, such as cathodes pre-heating, light surface coated with conductive or conductive tape, install an auxiliary electrode, penning gas light tubes filling, light the inclusion of radioactive materials, high frequency, and so on. Therefore, according to the different kinds of gas discharge lamp, gradually formed a different Launcher. Initiator's main role is to start the lamp, lamp lit, once the discharge lamps are lit, the initiator does not work, wait until the next time the light again. Initiator should be as simple, lightweight, and reliable, and some can even be removed from the circuit after the discharge lamp and lamp does not affect the normal work.